Selling any kind of used vehicle is indeed challenging; so what more for old trucks that have been used for business? If we are talking about letting go of a commercial vehicle that’s aged, overused, or damaged, your goal must be to sell it at the soonest possible time. In that way, you’ll no longer waste time, effort, and even money. The moment you decide to dispose it, the sooner it gets sold, the better. So you could move on in finding or purchasing a new one, and get back to your business operations as usual.

So, do you really want to sell your commercial truck in just an hour? Just a reminder, since you are not pushing through with selling it privately, you don’t have that much control on its price. Of course you still have the final word; but our goal here is to sell it fast, right?

Here we go – in order to dispose that old or damaged truck in an instant and get as much cash as possible, there are only 2 viable options. Let’s see if which one is really more beneficial.

Head to a Used Truck Dealership.

There are some businesses that sell used trucks for those business owners who do not have that much of a budget. Although, it might take you some time just to find one. If you fortunately know of a nearby used truck dealer, go straight there with your truck and make sure to bring all the necessary documents with you like title or registration. As an expert advice, don’t set your hopes too high (especially if you truly know how much  your truck is worth). There is a great chance that you’ll be able to have your truck sold there in an hour, but you won’t get as much cash because they still need to fix, refurbish, advertise, and resell it.

Better yet, sell it to professional cash for trucks melbourne business.

Working with them is incredibly a lot easier. You need not leave your office or business. All you have to do is go to their website and fill-out an online form, then someone from their company will call you immediately afterwards. Or, you may call their hotline right away. You just have to provide them the complete details of your vehicle so that their vehicle appraisers will be able to give you the rightful estimate for your car. Once you have come into terms with their price offer, all you have to do is sit back, relax, and wait for them to arrive at your place. They will take care of everything for you.

If you really want to sell your truck in an hour, choose Truck Wreckers Melbourne. Why do we say that we could have it done in that little amount of time? Firstly, you will get your price quote in an instant; you won’t have to wait just for you to decide if you’ll take it or not. Second, we are fully equipped with the transportation, manpower, and network, and considering that we have a wide network of Melbourne wreckers, we are able to service more than 14 surrounding suburbs. Third, we accommodate rush and same-day truck removal services. Our goal is to provide for all your needs. So if you need it to be done within an hour, that isn’t a problem. Not to mention, we give the best price offer and on-the-spot cash for old trucks of all conditions.

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Are Self-driving Vehicles Really Going to Take Truckers’ Jobs?


Self-driving Vehicles

With the truck manufacturing industry booming in Australia, it has for many years provided millions of jobs for the people as well. Trucking is one of the most common occupations in the country; but will that still be the case now that self-driving vehicles are slowly taking the spotlight?

With all the advancements in technology we are now enjoying, self-driving cars won’t be seen in the movies only. Now that Tesla has announced the launch of its fully automated vehicle come 2018, it is evident that we are going to see more of these self-driving cars. In addition, The Freightliner Inspirational Truck, the first ever road-legal autonomous truck has already debuted in the market. Since then, truckers all over the world are in sort of a limbo, thinking that maybe they’ll slowly be replaced by self-driving trucks.

Being the leading Melbourne wreckers of used and old trucks, we are here to shed some light into the current predicament of truckers and all those affected by the rise of autonomous vehicles. As your trusted car and truck wreckers Melbourne, we want to help you understand the current situation we all are facing.

The initial reactions…

According to a study done by PWC in 2015, there is an 80% chance that Australia’s more than 94,000 professional drivers of road and rail vehicles to be replaced by automation in the next 20 years. Well, the initial reactions of Aussie truckies are mixed. Some were of course taken aback, thinking that they might just lose their jobs. But then, some still remain at ease – not at all flinching, and confident that they’d still enjoy their career for years.

Some experts say, if Australian businesses were to base their decisions on the ongoing trends in the US, you’ll actually see them replacing truckers with self-driving trucks. On a general point of view, when business owners opt to replace their employees with trucks that could drive themselves, they are going to save millions of dollars not only on employee compensation but also on their operating expenses. The self-driving trucks are predicted to arrive sooner for there would be no need for toilet and snack breaks, sleeping, and the like. They will have to pay less on fuel bills. No more lost shipments.  The companies of course, would have to adjust; their truckers will have to sacrifice; and then they’ll soon be reaping the benefits.

Let’s look at the bright side first…

Before we all get ahead of ourselves, let’s take a look at all the advantages that autonomous vehicles bring us. First and foremost, trucking is indeed a good-paying job for all the Aussie skilled workers. On the other hand, it is a constantly dangerous one. Every time they head off for a trip, they are putting their lives on the line. They leave their families for a long time, only to set off for another dangerous trip on the outback. Thus, because of autonomous trucks, we are thankfully eliminating that risk. We will no longer need to put more lives in danger. We will no longer encourage poor lifestyle and health habits for drivers. More importantly, we’re looking forward to no more fatalities from truck crashes.

As we all know, truck driving is not as easy as regular driving. Not many are cut out for driving such big complicated vehicles in the wee hours of the night, especially in the outback. It has a specific set of mental, physical, and even emotional demands. With semi-automated trucks, truckies will still get to keep their jobs but will be less tired. Consequently, businesses won’t also have to deal with delays because of driver shortage. It’s sort of a win-win situation, optimistically speaking.

The verdict: Australia is not there yet.

Remember what we mentioned earlier about those truckers who are confident that they won’t lose their jobs anytime soon? It turns out, they’re correct. Why? We’ll give you two points/reasons why the experts think our truckies today need not panic about the situation:

  1. It is not yet suitable for all the roads and places in our country. – According to Felix Ohie of Viva Energy, we will see semi-automated trucks (not the fully automated ones) in Australia after about 15 years. Currently all kinds of automated trucks are still not suitable for everywhere in the country. We still have to continue developing other technology as well as roads and infrastructure for this self-driving future to really work. The government and other industries involved will also have to come up with new road laws and regulations.
  2. Mass production of fully-automated trucks are predicted to happen about 25 to 30 years more –  Semi-automated trucks will be mass produced about a decade or so, what more for the fully-automated ones? This self-driving future is still technically far from reality. Needless to say, basically all our truckers from ages 40 and above, wouldn’t have to worry about anything at all.  Modern cars today are either in Level 2 or 3 (at the most) with regards to how automated the vehicle is. And for a company to really replace a driver with a self-driving truck, it has to buy one that’s Level 5 – as in completely automated. No carmaker has ever invented one like that yet.
  3. There is still a need for human intervention in the near future. – According to, in the foreseeable future, we will still need the help of our skilled and experienced truckers to operate, even if (at the most) we’re looking at semi-automated trucks. It’s truly not easy to replace the people who are used to handling unexpected trucking situations – adjusting to the weather, keeping watch of kangaroos and emus, steering through obstacles in the remote highways, sensing truck problems before they even arise, and whole lot more.

In conclusion, in Australia at the least, professional truck drivers need not worry about losing their jobs for many more years to come. We have still yet to look forward to more automation advancements, road laws and regulations, infrastructure developments, and others. But if at the pit of your stomach, you are still worried, here’s what our team of professional truck wreckers Victoria, mechanics, and recyclers will tell you: Don’t let this get the best of you. Take pride in your career and do what you do best as a trucker. Should we really see the near future of companies using semi-automated trucks? Don’t fret. They are not to be intimidated about. They will actually make your jobs and lives a lot easier than you think.

Best Ways to Protect Yourself and Your Truck During Winter


Kentucky National Guard snow relief

Humans being tropical animals, and trucks being big machines made mostly from iron and steel, are naturally just not equipped to handling extreme low temperatures. The winter does not only pose great threats to our truck’s engine and body, but more importantly, to our safety and health as well.

As reputable truck wreckers Melbourne who have been in the industry for two long decades, we have handled and taken all kinds and sizes of used and old trucks that have suffered severe damages because of the extreme winter conditions. Most of the country experiences winter from June to August. And because we don’t want you to experience the burden of keeping your truck in working order AND your health in check during these months of every year, we are here to provide you with some expert advice that you can easily follow and remember.

For you, as a trucker…

The winter does not only give us runny noses, fever, or flu. Unfortunately, it also causes hypothermia and frostbite. To effectively prevent and combat these health conditions, you may follow these tips:

  • When heading out, remember to always put on layers of loose clothing. Never forget the gloves, knit caps, and even ear muffs. If possible, use bright-colored clothing to stay visible.
  • Fuel up by eating hot, protein-rich, nutritious meals before heading off to a long trip during the snow. Bring some snacks with you as it might be harder to stop for a bite when it’s snowing hard.
  • If you are stranded in extreme snowy winter conditions, stay inside your truck.
  • Stay hydrated. Give your body enough water. Even if alcoholic drinks do heat our bodies, they make us super dehydrated. So keep away from the beer and other liquor first. Besides, winter or not, you shouldn’t drink and drive.
  • Never ever touch frozen metal with your bare hands, they could easily peel your skin off.

For your big old truck…

Maintaining a big machine such as your truck is harder than that for a usual passenger vehicle; what more during extreme winter conditions. To ensure your trusty big clunker remains in good shape and running condition for the rest of this challenging season, simply do these additional maintenance tips:

  • Make a thorough pre-trip inspection before heading off to any destination, short or long.
  • Safely remove all accumulated snow in the windshield, cab steps, and grab bars.
  • Start and warm your engine up to make sure it has the right amount of heat to operate smoothly. Doing this will prevent your battery from dying up soon and will keep your engine oil from thickening up more.
  • When driving through snow, slush, or ice, remember to slowly and lightly apply the brakes before you park your truck. This will prevent your brakes from freezing.
  • Check your tyres’ air pressures every now and then. If you have the budget, buy winter tyres for your truck.
  • You may also want to check (and replace) your windshield wipers. They could easily freeze and crack during winter.

Avoiding all the dangers that come with trucking and/or driving through winter shouldn’t be as difficult. Just don’t neglect your health and your truck’s extra maintenance needs, and you’ll be breezing through the extreme cold winter season just before you know it.

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Considered as today’s workhorses, trucks play an integral role in every business and in every industry. As useful as they are, there are different kinds and sizes of trucks in order to perform their varying functions efficiently. We have utes, cabs, vans, tippers, and heavy duty trucks, among others. Thus, given those different roles and functions, it is rather hard to pinpoint which one is the most efficient across all categories.

If you are currently in need of advice for your trucking needs for your business, Rapid Car Removal is here to help you out. We are Melbourne wreckers and truck removal experts for more than two decades now and we would be able to give you information about which trucks are the best to suit your needs.

In no particular order, we have listed here 10 of the most efficient and best trucks that you can choose from for your business:


  • MITSUBISHI TRITON – among the 4×4 dual-cab category, this is hailed as the Best Cabin, Best Technology, and Best Cost of Ownership. It is truly commended for providing ultimate driving comfort because of its plush ambience and ease of use. It also has heated leather seats, too.
  • VOLKSWAGEN AMAROK – this truck is applauded for being the Best On-the-Road Dual Cab, Best Tray, Best Engine, and overall Best Dual Cab of 2017. All its outstanding reviews marvel at its 3.0L-turbo diesel engine that boasts of a clever automatic transmission, refined handling, smooth power delivery, and fuel economy.
  • FORD RANGER – awarded as the Best Off-road Dual Cab and Best Towing Capabilities. It is popular among all utes in Australia for its commendable torque, ground clearance, suspension, throttle, and an outrageous brake towing capacity of 3500 kgs.
  • VOLKSWAGEN CADDY – this one is said to be the undisputed Best Small Commercial Vans of all. Fortunately discovering its niche market, this compact van is the most popular one in its category. Volkswagen’s reputation for efficiency and quality is truly seen on this truck.
  • HYUNDAI iLOAD- the crew van is labeled as the most convenient and most advanced in its category. Thus, it is renowned as The Best Medium Van. It has an impressive turbo-diesel engine, Bluetooth connectivity, and multi-format audio system.
  • TOYOTA HILUX – deemed as Australia’s MOST POPULAR COMMERCIAL CAR by far. Not only because its manufacturer has been the longest reigning Most Popular Car Brand, it is also the Best-selling Ute in the country for many years probably because of the variety of specifications it can offer for private and commercial use.
  • FORD TRANSIT – not only is this truck the longest-running nameplates in Ford history, but it is also hailed as the Most Comprehensively Equipped commercial car. It pride itself in having the most useable cargo space, extensive functionality, and even towing capacity.
  • RENAULT TRAFFIC – if you are in search of a commercial car that’ll give you a real bang for your buck, experts say, choose this one. It is applauded being The Best Value Van because in its category, it is the most drivable, most practical, and stylishly equipped. You’ll be impressed with its posh European design.
  • KENWORTH TRUCKS – for many years, all models and ranges of Kenworth are applauded for each of their categories. But what’s really impressive is that they seem to have been owning the Best Heavy Duty Truck award for many years in a row. The current most popular model in this category is the Kenworth T909.
  • ISUZU F SERIES- if you are in need of efficient tippers and medium-sized trucks, choose from the models in Isuzu’s F Series range. The brand proudly reigns in the Best Small and Medium-sized Trucks in the country.

Remember, your truck can be a reflection of you as a business owner. So if you have a truck that’s no longer efficient, don’t let it just rust and rot away. Make the most out of your big investment by letting us buy that truck from you. We are a leading truck wreckers Melbourne company that pays top cash for trucks of all makes and models. Give us a call today at 0455 998 477.