Considered as today’s workhorses, trucks play an integral role in every business and in every industry. As useful as they are, there are different kinds and sizes of trucks in order to perform their varying functions efficiently. We have utes, cabs, vans, tippers, and heavy duty trucks, among others. Thus, given those different roles and functions, it is rather hard to pinpoint which one is the most efficient across all categories.

If you are currently in need of advice for your trucking needs for your business, Rapid Car Removal is here to help you out. We are Melbourne wreckers and truck removal experts for more than two decades now and we would be able to give you information about which trucks are the best to suit your needs.

In no particular order, we have listed here 10 of the most efficient and best trucks that you can choose from for your business:


  • MITSUBISHI TRITON – among the 4×4 dual-cab category, this is hailed as the Best Cabin, Best Technology, and Best Cost of Ownership. It is truly commended for providing ultimate driving comfort because of its plush ambience and ease of use. It also has heated leather seats, too.
  • VOLKSWAGEN AMAROK – this truck is applauded for being the Best On-the-Road Dual Cab, Best Tray, Best Engine, and overall Best Dual Cab of 2017. All its outstanding reviews marvel at its 3.0L-turbo diesel engine that boasts of a clever automatic transmission, refined handling, smooth power delivery, and fuel economy.
  • FORD RANGER – awarded as the Best Off-road Dual Cab and Best Towing Capabilities. It is popular among all utes in Australia for its commendable torque, ground clearance, suspension, throttle, and an outrageous brake towing capacity of 3500 kgs.
  • VOLKSWAGEN CADDY – this one is said to be the undisputed Best Small Commercial Vans of all. Fortunately discovering its niche market, this compact van is the most popular one in its category. Volkswagen’s reputation for efficiency and quality is truly seen on this truck.
  • HYUNDAI iLOAD- the crew van is labeled as the most convenient and most advanced in its category. Thus, it is renowned as The Best Medium Van. It has an impressive turbo-diesel engine, Bluetooth connectivity, and multi-format audio system.
  • TOYOTA HILUX – deemed as Australia’s MOST POPULAR COMMERCIAL CAR by far. Not only because its manufacturer has been the longest reigning Most Popular Car Brand, it is also the Best-selling Ute in the country for many years probably because of the variety of specifications it can offer for private and commercial use.
  • FORD TRANSIT – not only is this truck the longest-running nameplates in Ford history, but it is also hailed as the Most Comprehensively Equipped commercial car. It pride itself in having the most useable cargo space, extensive functionality, and even towing capacity.
  • RENAULT TRAFFIC – if you are in search of a commercial car that’ll give you a real bang for your buck, experts say, choose this one. It is applauded being The Best Value Van because in its category, it is the most drivable, most practical, and stylishly equipped. You’ll be impressed with its posh European design.
  • KENWORTH TRUCKS – for many years, all models and ranges of Kenworth are applauded for each of their categories. But what’s really impressive is that they seem to have been owning the Best Heavy Duty Truck award for many years in a row. The current most popular model in this category is the Kenworth T909.
  • ISUZU F SERIES- if you are in need of efficient tippers and medium-sized trucks, choose from the models in Isuzu’s F Series range. The brand proudly reigns in the Best Small and Medium-sized Trucks in the country.

Remember, your truck can be a reflection of you as a business owner. So if you have a truck that’s no longer efficient, don’t let it just rust and rot away. Make the most out of your big investment by letting us buy that truck from you. We are a leading truck wreckers Melbourne company that pays top cash for trucks of all makes and models. Give us a call today at 0455 998 477.

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