Best Ways to Protect Yourself and Your Truck During Winter


Kentucky National Guard snow relief

Humans being tropical animals, and trucks being big machines made mostly from iron and steel, are naturally just not equipped to handling extreme low temperatures. The winter does not only pose great threats to our truck’s engine and body, but more importantly, to our safety and health as well.

As reputable truck wreckers Melbourne who have been in the industry for two long decades, we have handled and taken all kinds and sizes of used and old trucks that have suffered severe damages because of the extreme winter conditions. Most of the country experiences winter from June to August. And because we don’t want you to experience the burden of keeping your truck in working order AND your health in check during these months of every year, we are here to provide you with some expert advice that you can easily follow and remember.

For you, as a trucker…

The winter does not only give us runny noses, fever, or flu. Unfortunately, it also causes hypothermia and frostbite. To effectively prevent and combat these health conditions, you may follow these tips:

  • When heading out, remember to always put on layers of loose clothing. Never forget the gloves, knit caps, and even ear muffs. If possible, use bright-colored clothing to stay visible.
  • Fuel up by eating hot, protein-rich, nutritious meals before heading off to a long trip during the snow. Bring some snacks with you as it might be harder to stop for a bite when it’s snowing hard.
  • If you are stranded in extreme snowy winter conditions, stay inside your truck.
  • Stay hydrated. Give your body enough water. Even if alcoholic drinks do heat our bodies, they make us super dehydrated. So keep away from the beer and other liquor first. Besides, winter or not, you shouldn’t drink and drive.
  • Never ever touch frozen metal with your bare hands, they could easily peel your skin off.

For your big old truck…

Maintaining a big machine such as your truck is harder than that for a usual passenger vehicle; what more during extreme winter conditions. To ensure your trusty big clunker remains in good shape and running condition for the rest of this challenging season, simply do these additional maintenance tips:

  • Make a thorough pre-trip inspection before heading off to any destination, short or long.
  • Safely remove all accumulated snow in the windshield, cab steps, and grab bars.
  • Start and warm your engine up to make sure it has the right amount of heat to operate smoothly. Doing this will prevent your battery from dying up soon and will keep your engine oil from thickening up more.
  • When driving through snow, slush, or ice, remember to slowly and lightly apply the brakes before you park your truck. This will prevent your brakes from freezing.
  • Check your tyres’ air pressures every now and then. If you have the budget, buy winter tyres for your truck.
  • You may also want to check (and replace) your windshield wipers. They could easily freeze and crack during winter.

Avoiding all the dangers that come with trucking and/or driving through winter shouldn’t be as difficult. Just don’t neglect your health and your truck’s extra maintenance needs, and you’ll be breezing through the extreme cold winter season just before you know it.

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