Advance Truck Wreckers is a team of highly trained and experienced professionals in the automobile industry. Ever since 1995, we have been helping Melbourne residents and businesses get rid of their rusty old clunkers in a convenient and environmentally friendly way. We take pride in being legitimate truck recyclers who are duly recognised by the Australian government and registered under the Licensed Motor Car Traders in our country.

As we aim to help more clients and service more suburbs ever than before, we also continue to train our men and upgrade our equipment and facilities. We take great pride in following EPA’s strict regulations and protocols with regards to truck disposal and recycling.

All our truck drivers, hauling and towing crew, phone operators, vehicle appraisers, mechanics, and truck dismantlers are with us in looking ahead towards our vision – to be able to see Melbourne, and eventually all of Australia, free from pollution and toxic wastes that are caused by old and scrap trucks.